Spells and Their Risks

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My grandmother called me fat last night. It’s nothing new. My whole life (even before I was overweight), she’s had this obsession with size and weight. I never quite understood the fixation, but when I was younger, it understandably would hurt to hear it. Now that I’m older… well… It still hurts. Especially since I’ve done quite a lot to try to lose weight. It’s honestly been a series of failure after failure. The most success I found was on a diet that left me feeling weak, fatigued, and malnourished. I’ve considered medical intervention, but I have witnessed the dangers and drawbacks of those. So, after I wiped the angry-tears and stared down at my dinner like it wasn’t the enemy anymore, I told myself, “I’m going to make a weight loss spell.”

How wonderful would it be if I could do this and then miraculously, without any major change to my diet or workout regimen, I began shedding weight like crazy!? Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like this. If it did, weight loss spells would be selling for hundreds of dollars left and right. So what’s the point if it’s not going to fix the problem right away?

Most everyone understands the principle behind prayer, so I’ll use this to explain. When people pray, they may be asking their god or gods for specific blessings or favors. Maybe somebody who is out of work and desperately needs to find a job may ask for divine intercession on their behalf. However, after the prayer has ended, the person (hopefully) does not throw their hands up and go, “well, it’s out of my hands now.” They still continue the job hunt. In most instances, it is the same thing with spells. Witches don’t just cast and then think their problems are magically solved. They understand that it takes continued effort on their part, and while they’ve asked for magical or universal aid, they know they can’t hand the entire problem over.

Of course, there are exceptions. Once I did a money spell, and then the next day, I received a letter from a doctor’s office which looked a lot like a bill. Instead, it turned out to be a check saying I’d overpaid during various visits and they were returning the money to me. The universe most certainly provided in this scenario. But therein lies the danger. Sometimes the universe provides you with your solution… but it doesn’t come in the form you think.

What do I mean by that?

Say I do a weight loss spell tonight. I ask the universe to help me lose twenty pounds. I close out my circle and then go about my day. The next morning, I wake up with a terrible stomach pain. I immediately become ill and have to camp out in the restroom. Eating anything is out of the question as it’s clear I won’t be able to hold anything down. The illness lasts two weeks, and by the end of it, I’m down about twenty pounds. The universe gave me exactly what I asked for… Maybe after the money spell, you receive your money because somebody close to you passed away and left it to you. It’s not how you wanted it, but the universe provided, didn’t it?

In the case of all spells (not just weight loss), your intention must be clear. To avoid the pitfalls, when I create my weight loss spell, I will be avoiding saying anything negatively charged when I create the sigil or the incantation. You will want to do the same. For example, when you say, “I want to lose weight” the word ‘lose’ is generally perceived as having negative connotations. Instead, it’s important to think about the end goal. What is the ultimate outcome you hope to achieve from the spell. For me, I want to lose weight because I want to be healthy and happy. So, instead of crafting my sigil around ‘losing’ something, I’m going to design it around what I’ll be gaining: “I am healthy and happy.” Also, notice I do not speak about it in future tense. I leave no room for misunderstanding either.

It’ll be the same when you write your incantation. The more specific you can be with your intention, the better. Also, as I said above, do not expect the spell to do the heavy lifting for you. Sometimes, you have to be prepared to revisit or tweak the spell multiple times to see any change or progress. You may have to accept that some spells will just give you the tools to achieve your goals on your own such as motivation or time to handle your affairs. Either way, just make sure that when you practice, you consider the possible outcomes and do whatever you can to avoid putting yourself at risk.

On a separate note, I will be creating my weight loss sigil and working on preparing that this week. If you are interested in the process or would like me to keep you updated on the progress throughout the journey, let me know!

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