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When I first began writing this blog, I had such grand plans. My first thought was, “I’m going to write five blogs a week with themed days, and it’s going to be great!” The reality was that while, one day, this may be possible, with everything going on, it wasn’t sustainable. At least, though, I could write one blog a week, right? Maybe more if I had time, but if I could shoot for at least one, that would be good!

The best laid plans of mice and men…

With COVID-19, so many people’s lives have been altered, sometimes irrevocably. Without being too detailed so as not to put their business out into the public sphere, my family has had to put some things on hold in order to come together and be there for one another. For myself, I had no choice but to resign my position as an educator. While I’d been planning on leaving prior to the pandemic, the unemployment numbers had me rethinking the plan. However, in addition to being immunocompromised, my household includes others who I feared exposing to the virus. As a result, I offered my time and expertise to help my sister with her child who has joined the ranks of remote-learning students. I love my nephew… but it hasn’t been easy.

Now, why am I sharing this? Rest assured, I’m not seeking sympathy or attention. Actually, the point, I hope, is to try to reach out to others who may also be overwhelmed with the situation they’ve been forced into. Through no fault of your own, you may be feeling stressed, scared, hopeless, or helpless. There may also be anger. The things going on, they aren’t fair. Whether you’ve gotten sick, lost somebody, feared for somebody, or lost your job, none of this was your fault. Yet, there’s no solace in knowing this…

For empaths, this time has been especially difficult. Not only are you feeling your own stress and emotions, you’re also picking up on the energies around you as well. You’re experiencing feelings of unease, distress, or anxiety. Even for those of us who experience panic attacks, we have noticed that they are happening more frequently or with greater intensity. And the reality is, while we know that the best way to deal with these feelings is to ground and meditate, lately… it’s been almost impossible to quiet our thoughts and get into the frame of mind. Put simply, we’re all exhausted, and sometimes that means our spirituality takes a back seat until we can feel more like ourselves.

In previous articles, I’ve emphasized the importance of self-care. Of taking time for yourself. I’ve spoken briefly about how you need to give yourself permission to focus on your health, both mental and physical. But now, it isn’t just a suggestion. It is an absolute necessity. We have to take the time for ourselves. We have to meditate and ground. Take a long shower or soak in a bath of Epsom salt, burn a candle or incense, use an infuser with lavender or peppermint (or whatever oil you prefer). Take a nap if you need a nap, pray to your god, patron, deities, or simply try to tap into the universal healing energies to revitalize you.

I understand that time does not stand still, and if your day is packed, it isn’t easy carving out that ‘me-time.’ But five or ten minutes goes a long way. In my experience, the most convenient time to do this is either when you’re in the shower or just before you fall asleep. If you’re in the shower, imagine the water cleansing not only the sweat and dirt of the day, but the energies that don’t serve you. Wherever you are, close your eyes and imagine a bright, warm light entering your body through your crown Chakra, moving down, into your arms and legs and finally your feet. Focus on your feet and focus on the connection you have with the Earth energies, trusting that, in this moment, you are welcoming healing and calming light into you. You can do this in silence or you can say something like, “I invite universal healing energy into myself. May the universe provide me serenity, comfort, and hope.” Take as much or as little time as you need or are able to, but as I said, doing this for even a few minutes a day can make all the difference.

Remember, the times we find ourselves in our extraordinary. Feeling scared, alone, angry, or frustrated is natural and expected. Some days, you may not be okay. And that’s okay. All you’ll want to do is curl into a ball and shut out the rest of the world along with your thoughts and emotions. More than anything, though, you have to care for yourself. Take the time and make the time. And, if you find that’s not enough, reach out to a trusted friend, family member, or medical professional to talk to because sometimes putting your thoughts to words is the best catharsis.

Take care of you, friends. You are worth it.

Blessed be.

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