A Witch’s Thoughts on Death

We got morbid real quick, didn’t we? Death can be a scary thing to think about. When I first began to experience anxiety and panic attacks, the root cause of it stemmed from my fear of dying. I was five, by the way, when it struck me that, unlike getting a cold or a splinter,Continue reading “A Witch’s Thoughts on Death”

Is It A Sign?

I got stung by jellyfish yesterday. Living in a coastal city, I’ve been to the beach my fair share of times. My mother is not much of a swimmer, but she loves the sound of the waves and being near the ocean relaxes her, so whenever she could, she took us. Now, the beach weContinue reading “Is It A Sign?”

What It Means To Be A Witch

It used to be a crime. In some regions, it still is. To even be accused was enough to have you arrested, tortured, held for long periods of time while being made to endure horrendous conditions, and then executed in whatever popular method happened to dominate. Some were burned. Some were hanged. In Salem duringContinue reading “What It Means To Be A Witch”

Witchcraft and Gods

“Do I need a patron god/goddess to practice witchcraft?” I hear it all the time, and chances are, if you’ve waded even ankle deep into any community of witches, you’ve heard it, too. With so many aspiring practitioners of magic searching for a starting point from which to launch themselves into the craft, it isContinue reading “Witchcraft and Gods”

The Witch’s Altar: A Guide

The altar is one of the most important spaces for a witch. I remember when I was first making my own space, I pored over so many texts, blogs, and websites including YouTube to find the best way to set mine up. What I learned is that while there are elements that are similar forContinue reading “The Witch’s Altar: A Guide”

Out of the Broom Closet

My Spiritual Path (so far…) “It’s just a phase!“ If I had a dime for every time somebody said this to me, I would be able to pay off my student loans plus some really embarrassing credit card mistakes. It’s not that I don’t understand why they think it. How many millennial kids back inContinue reading “Out of the Broom Closet”