Spirituality and Anxiety

Or, Walking My Spiritual Path While Battling Anxiety and OCD I have suffered with anxiety and OCD for my entire life. Fortunately, we live in a time when the awareness and acknowledgment of mental health has progressed such that science made treatment possible. However, despite that, it felt, at least in my point of view,Continue reading “Spirituality and Anxiety”

Imposter Witch

Think back to when you first decided to fully embrace the witch in you. How did you feel? If you’re like me, you had a profound sense that you could achieve anything you set your mind to. It was almost as if I put in a cheat code on life and things suddenly seemed soContinue reading “Imposter Witch”

Pagan or Wiccan: What’s the Difference?

One of the things I love most about the spiritual community is the diversity within it. I have had the honor and pleasure of meeting so many amazing people, all from different walks of life, united in mutual respect for one another, appreciative of our similarities, but grateful for our uniqueness as well. Because weContinue reading “Pagan or Wiccan: What’s the Difference?”

Bad Witch?

Why do witches have such a bad rap? Think about it. When most people imagine a witch, they bring to mind a picture of an old woman, green skin and warts, black clothes and a pointy hat. Most of the time the image is accompanied by a twisted broomstick or a glowing cauldron. Their onlyContinue reading “Bad Witch?”

Unwanted Guests

A guide to cleansing your home of uninvited spirits and energies You’re fast asleep in your bed, dreaming peacefully, relaxing at last after a long day at work. Suddenly, you feel something tug on your blanket. You lift your head, bleary eyes looking down only to find nothing there. Laying your head back down, youContinue reading “Unwanted Guests”

Are Ghosts Real?

I hate paranormal investigation shows. Whether they are made for network television or a bunch of amateur ghost hunters threw together some tech to legitimize their YouTube channel, I have a deep loathing for most of them. I’ll still watch them, though, because while I can’t stand the way most ‘hunters’ go about getting theirContinue reading “Are Ghosts Real?”

A Witch’s Thoughts on Death

We got morbid real quick, didn’t we? Death can be a scary thing to think about. When I first began to experience anxiety and panic attacks, the root cause of it stemmed from my fear of dying. I was five, by the way, when it struck me that, unlike getting a cold or a splinter,Continue reading “A Witch’s Thoughts on Death”

Is It A Sign?

I got stung by jellyfish yesterday. Living in a coastal city, I’ve been to the beach my fair share of times. My mother is not much of a swimmer, but she loves the sound of the waves and being near the ocean relaxes her, so whenever she could, she took us. Now, the beach weContinue reading “Is It A Sign?”

Witchcraft and Gods

“Do I need a patron god/goddess to practice witchcraft?” I hear it all the time, and chances are, if you’ve waded even ankle deep into any community of witches, you’ve heard it, too. With so many aspiring practitioners of magic searching for a starting point from which to launch themselves into the craft, it isContinue reading “Witchcraft and Gods”

The Witch’s Altar: A Guide

The altar is one of the most important spaces for a witch. I remember when I was first making my own space, I pored over so many texts, blogs, and websites including YouTube to find the best way to set mine up. What I learned is that while there are elements that are similar forContinue reading “The Witch’s Altar: A Guide”